Polyphonic Help


Polyphonic is an app that lets you easily create music in a fun way. You can save your creations as “Singles” and share them with your friends. Our simple interface works by allowing you to layer a variety of complementary instruments and sounds.

Sound Worlds

Each “Sound World” has its own feel and gives you a completely different experience within the same familiar interface. Each Sound World features a different name, new instruments & sounds, a unique key signature, tempo, artwork and more!

  1. There are multiple Sound Worlds, with more being added each month.
  2. Each Sound World features 9 distinctly colored instrument groups, each unique for every Sound World.
  3. Each instrument group features 4 distinct sounds.

How To Play

  1. Press 1 or more colored squares
  2. Press play (your selected sounds will play continuously)
  3. To add a new sound, simply touch a square of a sound you’d like to hear. It will flash letting you know that it is “queued” and will play shortly. New sounds will begin playing when the progress bar starts over.
  4. To remove a sound, simply touch the square of the sound you’d like to turn off. It will turn gray, letting you know that it is “dequeued” and will finish up smoothly before going away.
  5. To end the music, press each “active” square and the app will finish everything with a nice fade-out.
  6. To stop abruptly, press stop

How to Record a “Single”

  1. Select your starting sounds
  2. Press record, then press play
  3. Add and remove sounds as desired (see “How to Play” above)
  4. Press record again to finish recording. You will be prompted to name your newly created Single.
  5. To view your Singles, click eject or the artwork at the top of the screen.

Helpful Tips

  1. Start small. Select one sound, wait for the progress bar to complete, and then add or remove another single sound. This will help you get familiar with a new Sound World create a more meaningful song. If you start by playing every sound at once, you end up with a cacophony.
  2. Drums or percussion are great starting points. Add bass as a second sound. This gives you a good base to build your song.
  3. Wear Apple EarBuds or headphones for much better musical quality. Using Polyphonic through headphones or quality speakers allow you to grasp the depth of sound better than the speaker on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.
  4. You can add or subtract as many sounds at one time as you want, though there are some special sound groups which only allow you to play 1 sound at a time. For example, a Sound World creator might design things so that you can only play one Bass line at a time. This is to ensure that you can always create enjoyable mixes of sounds in your creations.
  5. You can select different Sound Worlds by clicking eject or the artwork at the top of the screen. We will always make some Sound Worlds available for free, and have some Sound Worlds available for In-App Purchase.


  1. Who are you guys? We are just two guys who have a million creative ideas and were able to bring one to fruition. See the About Polyphonic page for more information.
  2. How can I use the Singles I create? Singles are intended for personal, non-commercial use. For more information regarding licensing, see our conditions of use.

If you have additional questions, comments, or compliments, please email us at polyphonic@flipstudios.com!